🌸Highlights of Takabatake-cho

Takabatake area is the name given to the district bordering the Nara Park area.

While kannushi (shrine priests) for Kasuga Grand Shrine once lived in Takabatake, more recently important cultural figures such as the novelist Naoya Shiga have resided here.

To this day you can experience retro Japanese-style buildings and stone walls.

As well, beginning with Shinyakushi-ji Temple, tourist spots such as Naoya Shiga’s former residence, Fuki-in Temple, Irie Taikichi Memorial Museum of Photography Nara City, and Byakugou-ji Temple all add to this quiet town which makes it ideal for taking a stroll.

Experience going back to ancient times by walking along the clay walls, then stop at Shinyakushi-ji Temple to be even more moved by encountering the 12 Divine Generals.

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life by taking a leisurely walk around Takabatake-cho and take in plenty of ancient Nara.


※Area around Takabatake-cho’s bus stop

※From Kasuga Taisha Shrine, there is a signboard (in the direction of Shinyakushi-ji Temple), so please walk through the forest before coming. About 800 meters to the south.

※Crossroad on the way to Shinyakushi-ji Temple (About 800m east from Takabatake-cho intersection)

※Area around Wariishi-cho’s bus stop 

※Area around Yamatoya-Nara (rickshaw) http://yamatoya-nara.com/

※Cafe Rokusaron near Fuku-in Temple  https://rokusaron.jimdofree.com/

※Fuku-in Temple https://www.fuku-in.com/

※Old road with clay walls 

※Irie Taikichi Memorial Museum of Photography Nara City   http://www.irietaikichi.jp/

※Road to Byakugou-ji Temple

Highlights around Nara. 

There are more highlights to enjoy in Nara Prefecture outside of Nara City. 

Please visit the website “Nara Again” for more details.