🌸Buddhist Terminology

・pure land (jyodo) 

A territory free from all of the desperation of worldly desires, where those like Buddha and bodhisattva live

・the Eastern Pure Land (jyorurisekai) 

The territory to the East where Yakushi Nyorai resides

・eastern direction (toho)

Associated with Yakushi Nyorai (current life)

・western direction (saiho)

Associated with Amitabha Tathagata (post death)

・Yakushi Nyorai
Buddha who carries a medicine vase and cures illnesses


・the 12 divine generals (12shinsho)

12 generals who protect the Yakushi Nyorai’s pure land and those who believe in it.
As they also protect the 12 directions, they are also believed to be the guardian deities of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals


・Buddha (hotoke)
Person who has realized the truths of the universe (the truths that can bring true happiness to all people) 


・enlightenment (satori) 
There are 52 stages on the path to enlightenment, the final stage is called Buddhahood and it is the stage of perfect enlightenment (realization of all the truths of the universe)


someone who has attained the enlightenment of Buddha, or Buddha himself


The status of someone who is still practicing but is seeking to attain the enlightenment of Buddha

the historical Buddha (shaka)
The only person on Earth who has attained the enlightenment of Buddha

idol (honzon)
Principal object of worship (the central Buddha of a triad in each temple, at Shinyakushi-ji Temple it is Yakushi Nyorai)