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Statue of Yakushi Nyorai

The Buddha of the Eastern Pure Land. While practicing as a bosatsu, he made 12 wishes including to illuminate the world with light from his body, to compensate for people’s shortcomings, to cure illnesses, to follow the correct path, and to get rid of disasters. His right hand is using the mudra (hand gesture) for taking away fear and his right handing is holding a medicine vase.

Both eyes are wide open, and his shape is both peaceful and plump.

🌸The 12 Divine Generals (12 shinsho)

The 12 divine generals (12 shinsho) 

Statues of twelve generals protecting Yakushi Nyorai are attending him in the hall. They protect the world of Yakushi Nyorai and their followers, each with 7,000 followers, for a total of 84,000 followers.

The 12 divine generals at Shinyakushi-ji Temple are earthen images, meaning that they are carved from dirt.

Coming from the Nara Period (8th century C.E.), they are the oldest and largest in Japan


The names of the 12 divine generals are as follows

Bazara Taisho / Anira Taisho / Haira Taisho / Bigyara Taisho

Makora Taisho / Shotora Taisho / Shindara Taisho / Santera Taisho

Mekira Taisho / Antera Taisho / Indara Taisho / Kubira

 Statues of The 12 Divine Generals (152-166cm in height, Nara era, national treasures, one body of supplementary work)

Chart for the 12 Divine Generals and the Corresponding Birth Years