🌸Shop (located in the main hall)

The following can be purchased at the stand inside of the main hall

Red stamp given to visitors at shrines and temples (goshuin)  : The seal given here is the modern day version of when temples would give a reception stamp (uketsukein) to people as proof that they offered a copy of a sutra. Having a monk stamp and ink someone’s book is proof of the connection to the god of each temple and the book itself is proof of all of the sacred training that person has been practicing.

By placing the book for collecting shrine or temple stamps in one’s coffin after they pass away the person can be guided to Amitabha’s Pure Land.

Book for collecting temple stamps (goshuincho)

Each temple has its own beautifully designed book for sale which some people also collect. Collecting each temple’s red seal is proof of the sacred practice that took place. 1,500yen

Shabutsu account book

Seal stamp given to worshippers and visitors to shrines and temples included. 1,300yen

Seal stamp given to worshippers and visitors to shrines and temples 


Charm (omamori) (sticker) : This can be placed on the rear window of a car to wish for safety while on the road.

Charm (omamori) : There are a variety of charms for varying wishes such as good health, safety while driving, acceptance into school, and business prosperity.

Charm  300yen


Charm (omamori)(sticker) 800yen

Postcard (Omizutori) 400yen

Charm  500yen


The 12 divine generals
Postcard 1pce. 100yen

Yakushi Nyorai & The 12 divine generals 14 pcs. set 950yen

Bazara Taisho color card

(card only) 210yen

DVD (In pursuit of phantom colors) 3,360yen

Charm (omamori)  (Enter the pharmacist) 1pce. 600yen

Charm (omamori)  defence 300yen


Charm (omamori) The 12 divine generals 1pce. 500yen

Sutra copy paper (Including prayer fee) 2,000yen


Incense (Original Ruri ko) 900yen 









Sanka 650yen


The 12 divine generals statues 

1 statue 35,000yen

Ema 200yen


Candle 30yen


Fortune 100yen


Ema : It is believed that if you write your wish on one, place it in-front of the divine general that corresponds with your zodiac animal, and light a candle your wish will come true.