🌸What is Shinyakushi-ji Temple

During the times that Empress Komyo, who founded Shinyakushi-ji Temple, was alive poor weather conditions caused people to suffer through rampant starvation and disease.


Even the empress’s own child passed away without being able to experience (his/her) first birthday.

Because of this, she felt compassionate towards the people and dedicated herself to welfare activities. Through this, institutes like Hiden-in and Seyaku-in were established in order to aid the poor, the sick, orphans, and others in need. In addition, she founded Shinyakushi-ji Temple in order to help Emperor Shomu recover from his illness.

Empress Komyo had a cherished love for her husband and her family. She wished for happiness to unfold from people’s everyday lives.

Prayer to the Yakushi Nyorai of the Eastern Pure Land is done in hopes that people will be rid of disease and pain.


In their present lives, many people are entangled in this kind of suffering. Coming to worship the Yakushi Nyorai at Shinyakushi-ji Temple is meant to save these people.

Stand in front of the Yakushi Nyorai, place both hands together, close your eyes, and pray in silence. You may find yourself rid of disease and suffering.

Shinyakushi-ji Temple - chief priest Jyokan Nakata